Loved Blend

Happy Memorial Day Monday!

Yes, it’s true Monday’s can be happy, the sun is shinning, and the smell of coffee is in the air…

But not just any coffee, coffee for a cause.

image (8)

My friends Jeremy and Emily have their own label at Eurasia Cafe called Loved Blend. The Arabic coffee beans are freshly roasted from Eurasia Cafe. (How cool is that!) But that’s not even the coolest part, $2 from every bag goes to Jeremy and Emily’s adoption expenses, and $1 goes towards projects that help with; extreme poverty, sex trafficking, education, refugee displacement, and more! That’s where the cause comes in, for just $13 you receive high quality coffee AND a chance to help two amazing people impact the world with their love.

image (9)

Trust me when I say this coffee is good, I don’t even like coffee and enjoy this blend, go ahead and ask The Cowboy it’s true!

If you’re interested in ordering Loved Blend, coffee for a cause you can click HERE! (Go on click it!)

You can also read more about Jeremy and Emily’s adoption journey on their blog Loved For Always.

But wait there’s more (yes more!), Emily also maintains an Etsy store to raise money for their adoption expenses so make sure you stop by!

image (11)


Skip out on the Starbucks this month and buy the coffee for a cause, it not only warms your tummy but your heart.


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