Being A Better YOU

Summer is upon us!

With the weather changing everyone is stir-crazy, from such a long and cold winter. Everyone is ready for shorts, and cute dresses, ready to shake things up and do something different.

As the weather changes it’s fun to see how we can better ourselves. It never hurts to examine ourselves and see what we can do better.

Here’s a fun little list of some ways we can all better ourselves, and have fun doing it!

1) Make a Hug last 20 seconds

         -I read this on another blog and thought “that’s such an awkwardly great idea!”

2) Break out into a dance

         -Cut lose, have fun and being spontaneous leads to a better life.

3) Complement five people before lunch.

4) Buy the person’s coffee in line behind you.

5) Learn how to dance the washing machine. It will bring you joy!

6) Create an inspiration board.

 -Hit up Pinterest for quotes and grab those markers! 

7) Buy yourself something new. You deserve it.

8) Hand write a letter to someone you miss.

9) Take two brown bags and throw away 15 things, and give 15 things away.

10) If you’re going to be weird, be confident about it.


Smile often, it’s contagious. 

I hope you enjoy this new found weather, and a new found you!


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