Tea Party Wedding Shower

Hello my beautiful readers!

I am currently sitting outside on my parents front porch listening to the new Hunter Hayes album, and enjoying the wonderful world outside.

I am also reminiscing about the absolutely wonderful wedding shower that was thrown for The Cowboy and I recently.

My aunts, sister-in-law, Mother, and family friends, put together such a fun tea party themed bridal shower. It was beautiful. The afternoon tea consisted of, tea, sweets, games, laughter, smiles and good times.

We captured some photos of the day to share with those who could not make it, and to help inspire others plan a tea party of their own!


Each tea cup and saucer was an individual piece. We searched high and low for all the tea cups till we collected enough for each guest. At the end of the party each guest was able to take their tea cup home as a special gift.












It was a beautiful shower, thank you so much to all the people who helped make this party on to remember! The Cowboy and I are extremely blessed to be loved by so many people.



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