Love At First….


Can I say it was love at first sight when I met The Cowboy? No, but I can say this, he made me laugh and that was a good thing.

It happened something like this…

One upon a time… 

In a land farther south than I was use to…

A cowboy caught my eye…

The Cowboy and I met in a small college in Missouri, when I arrived at the school I was in no way searching for a husband because I was currently dating a boy from my hometown.

God had something different in mind though, and after my relationship from back home was broken off The Cowboy aimed and fired.

He had my heart.

And so it began, a friendship that blossomed into love, and what a crazy adventure it started. Since then I’ve been blessed with random flowers, surprise visits, and someone I truly could never live without.

We’ve made it through a long distant summer, (10 hours is too far) and a whole school year still apart. (1 hour.. but still) And now we are apart again but at the end of this break, I will be able to call him my husband.


Christmas Eve 2013





Less than 31 days people, this is about to get real! 


How did you and your man meet? I would love to hear YOUR story, leave a comment below!



5 thoughts on “Love At First….

  1. So wonderful!!! I met my beau during school as well and yes I can say it was love and first sight! We were best friends from the moment we spoke. It all started when he came up to me and commented on my tattoo. We were “official” 7 months later, although we DTR’d three months in…I guess you could say it was obvious we liked each other a lot if you were ever around us before we started dating. I don’t know what I’d do without my beau! I’m so excited for you girl it’s getting closer…WHOOP!!!!

  2. Stephanie- I met Uncle Garry by selling him a pair of shoes. I was working at a shoe store my Junior year in high school when he walked in to buy a pair of loafers. I made a sale that day that would forever change my life.

    I remember telling my mom when I went home that day that I met the nicest guy that day. (It was as if I had met a new found friend even though It was an hour at the most meeting?) Uncle Garry on the other hand went home and his dad (Pa Nard) took one look at those shoes and said, “a girl must have sold you those!” Boy was he right! 😊

    A few days later his friend that went to school with me called and ask if I remembered selling a pair of shoes to a guy named Garry. I said yes? He then preceded to ask if Garry called me would I go out with him. “I must have made an impression on him too.” I was very hesitant and said, “I don’t know” because I really don’t know him. This friend said he is a good guy he go’s to my church. I replied, “well if he go’s to church maybe he is a descent guy…” 😁 Uncle Garry called the next weekend and the rest is history.

    I had been praying since I was thirteen that God would someday send me a husband that would first love Him and second love me unconditionally. The Lord answered that prayer the day he sent Uncle Garry to the shoe store.

    It has been a journey of learning to love with the love described in I Cor. 13. It is a good journey that has continued on now 42 years. It seems like it was only yesterday we married. But 2 kids and 8 grandchildren later I am reminded it’s been awhile.

    My prayer for you and The Cowboy is that you will continue to look to The Lord for guidance as you begin your journey. He will be the cord that will strengthen your relationship in the years ahead.

    We love you two- Aunt Sammye

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