4th Of July Treats

Happy 3rd of July!!

I know you may think I’m only excited for July because I’m getting married next weekend, but to be honest the 4th of July is my favorite holiday! Our town makes the 4th a big ordeal and I love it! I’ve got my stars and striped shorts on as I type this out, and I’m anxiously waiting for our church’s 4th of July pot luck. This is the real deal folks, I wait all year for this weekend, the only thing that would make it better is if The Cowboy could celebrate with me!

Not only do I love wearing the famous stars and stripes, I like making 4th of July snacks!


So it’s the 3rd, you have a huge party for tomorrow and you have no idea what to make or bring. Have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of quick and easy 4th of July inspired snacks, that will be perfect for your pool party, or cook out!

Strawberries with spirit!

I made these tasty guys last year and they were a smash!

4th of july snacks

1) Strawberries 

2) White chocolate 

3) blue sprinkles 

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

These little guys are my goal this year! I found this recipe , it’s really easy and simple!

4th of july snacks 3

I Pledge Allegiance To…

I’m also pulling out these delicious fruit ca-bobs for our party!

4th of july snacks 2

1) Blue berries

2) Bananas 

3) Strawberries 

4) Skewers 

Red, White, And Blue Pretzels

I love this idea of dipping your pretzels in chocolate then patriotic sprinkles! Perfect for kids who can’t stop playing!

4th of july snacks 4


Here are a few more ideas that I am personally lovin’

4th of july snacks 6


4th of july snacks 5

4th of july snacks 7

4th of july snacks 8


I hope you have a safe, and tasty, 4th of July!

Do you have any holiday snacks that are always a hit? I would love to swap recipes, leave a comment bellow or link me to your blog!



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