Catch Up Tuesday

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, I know I sure did!


So many fun things happened this past week I could probably write three or four of these posts!

1) At the beginning of the week I got to watch my little cousin kick butt at her swim meet. To be honest I don’t really understand all the rules in swimming but she seemed excited so I assume it went well.


2) Our area had a bad storm sweep through knocking one of our trees down. Praise God it didn’t fall on any cars or houses.


3) I started packing for the move, and honeymoon. Thought I would share this picture with you so you can see how crazy being almost married looks, don’t let those other brides fool you.


4)  And of course all things 4th of July happened this past week! Since the 4th is my families favorite holiday I could not simply share one photo, what kind of blogger would I be if I did that?!








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Good Reads

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In other news The Cowboy and I are getting hitched in THREE DAYS! No big deal…

What did your holiday weekend look like?



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