Well Hello There

It’s been so long my friends!

I have so much to say and so many pictures to show I have no idea how I’m going to tell you all at once!

Currently I’m sitting in McDonalds  typing this up because we don’t have internet yet, this is the main reason my posts have come to a snail crawl, but as soon as we have internet expect some exciting things! Today here’s some highlights you might have missed…

1. I am officially married to The Cowboy as of July 12th 2014! It’s an amazing feeling to know I’m at the beginning of an adventure with my best friend that’s going to last FOREVER! I cannot wait to post more photos of the wedding so you can share in my excitement. A huge thank you is in order to everyone who put so much work into making the big day a hit, and an extra special thank you to my Mom for helping me make all the DIY projects and keeping me sane.

july 12th

2. The Disney honeymoon was amazing! It would not have been amazing if it wasn’t for our spectacular travel agent, go check her out!  It’s truly a magical place there, we took over 3,000 photos and ate at least 6 steaks! Don’t worry more pictures will be posted soon! I did end up with some nasty blisters, and there was a six hour delay on the way home, but other than those details the honeymoon was a blast!


3. As of July 19th I am now living in the middle of rolling hills, 30 min from town. The Homestead is filled to the brim with brown boxes and I’m slowly making headway on unpacking and settling in. So far the kitchen and living room are looking less like a bachelor pad and more like a home. Have no fear Homestead Highlights will be coming your way!


4. Tonight is my first night co-leading the 7th graders at church with The Cowboy and I’m extremely excited. God has blessed us with this great opportunity to pour into young students lives and it’s such an honor, plus we have some pretty awesome ideas in store.

Like I said there’s too much to say in one blog post but one thing is for sure, I’m completely blessed to have such an amazing family, and to be added into another amazing family. Plus I have the best husband around, things are about to get crazy here and I cannot wait!


What have you been up to this summer?!



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