Stop And Listen

Today I sat outside on our front steps and listened.


It’s amazing all the things you can hear when the society around you isn’t getting in the way.

Growing up in a suburb I fell asleep to wonderful noises, (which I do miss) train horns, the expressway, fireworks, and planes flying overhead. Living with The Cowboy I don’t hear trains, or planes. Instead I hear cows in the distance, bugs at night singing their special songs, a trucks coming up the dirt road, and the wind dancing through the trees.


The wind is my favorite, (my second favorite is the sound of cars on the road) I love the peacefulness it brings, the way it rustles the trees, and moves the grass is beautiful.When God create wind he must have intended us to take time and listen to it, taking a step back from our routines and finding the beauty in simplicity.

Although I desperately miss falling asleep to the train horn, I know I will soon grow use to the new noises around me. And if not, that’s what visiting home is for!


What sounds do you love about your home town?



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