Catch Up Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe how fast summer has gone? It’s the end of July and note books, and pens are already filling Walmart’s aisles. I cannot express to you how excited my heart is to not be returning to school in Augusts. (cue happy dance)

Besides my excitement for not returning to school in August there’s many other, and more exiting thing, to share with you! So without further adieu another Catch Up Tuesday!

image (8)

1.  It’s crazy moving! Yes it’s true, but I think it’s crazier to unpack! I’ve been unpacking box and box t his past week making our Homestead a little more comfortable. Here’s a little look-see at what it looked like when I began the day after our honeymoon. It looks a LOT better now, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t dedicate multiple posts to each room to show case it?


2. Besides unpacking The Cowboy & I have also been cooking up a storm, since there’s no fast food close enough for weekly meals, we cook almost every dinner. And let me tell you it’s been fun! We’ve had homemade tortellini, pizza, cheesy bread, steak, burgers, and more! Follow me on Instagram for all the yummy photos!


3. The Cowboy took me on a hot date this past weekend to the drive in! We couldn’t make it through the double feature because The Cowboy was exhausted from work and I was tired with no good excuse. The new Planes movie was adorable though and The Cowboy & I both give it a thumbs up!


4.  And just in case this is your firsts time here, or you’ve just been out of the loop The Cowboy & I are officially hitched and what not. That’s been super fun, we’ve been working on switching my name over and that’s been a little less fun but at least I get to see my best friend every day now! 

july 12th 2


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What have you been up to this summer?




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