The Invasion Begins

Imagine with me, for a few short moments, a bright sunny day. Rolling hills behind your house, the warmth of the sun begging you to come out and play. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Not to brag… But that was our past Saturday it was beautiful! The Cowboy made me breakfast in bed, which was delicious, and we straightened up the Homestead. As we got around we decided to go drive to a larger town in our area to make a return and enjoy the day. I know what you’re thinking “where is this story going?” I promise it’s a good story. After getting ready to leave I open our front door to our neighbors dog sitting on the front steps waiting for us. Adorable I know! image (9) While distracted by the friendly dog I failed to see a black lizard slide under our screen door. It didn’t take long before I let out a shout. As I stood on the front steps with the dog, I begged The Cowboy to remove the lizard who was now running around our living room. The poor man… After much searching the lizard had vanished. I’m telling the truth here, one second it’s body was scurrying into our Homestead, and the next second it’s gone. It’s probably getting fat secretly eating my pretzel chips… So now there’s a lizard living with us, although it might have been a much more vicious animal I’m still less than thrilled. black-white-tegu


This is what I felt came into our Homestead

This is what actually came in

tiny lizard

Do you have animals barge into your home? Leave a comment and share your story! Stephanie


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