City Girl Meets The South


If you have a weak stomach, or hate the fact that people hunt animals for food STOP READING RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

I’m sorry Aunt Pat. Forgive me! 

This story unfolds on my first trip to The Cowboy’s “homeland”, I was on my way to meet his friends, family, and land. I was nervous, worried, and most likely a hot mess. The following events unfold within my first hour of being in the South.

Naturally I was given the grand tour of all the land to which The Cowboy’s family owned. He had slipped a new gun in the truck with us and as we were driving through the first piece of land The Cowboy hits the breaks on his truck, swings open his door, and steadies his gun BANG. He fired.

Then came the excitement “I hit it, I know I hit it” me, ever so smartly “hit what?”

Sure enough my Cowboy shot a deer from, goodness if I know, miles away. So naturally we had to go find the dear, and we did. At first I was in awe of the view from where the deer fell. It was simply breath taking. Then I realized there was a dead deer right at my feet and I didn’t want to look like such a yuppie so I should focus on what was important.

Right there before my eyes The Cowboy was hanging the deer off a tree and preparing to skin it. It was as if all the episodes of Little House on The Prairie were coming true right before my very eyes! Without a moment to lose I snapped a few photos then jumped right in. I grew up with brothers, we camped, I played in the dirt, I could skin a deer, right? RIGHT!

So there I was pulling away, trying not to smell it (because it smells awful) and trying to prove to myself I could do this sort of thing. Which I did, after we pulled off the meat we could use we headed off to a basketball game, where we could boast of our new found kill.

As time went on and I heard The Cowboy brag about how his city girl skinned a deer I realized, even down south not a lot of girls skin deer. So in the end my attempt to fit in ended up making me stand out, funny how that happens sometimes.

Moral of the story: Be yourself, it’s more fun anyway!

I can’t wait till deer season this year, maybe I will make my first kill on my own!








Do you have a crazy hunting story? I would love to hear about it!