Well Hello There

It’s been so long my friends!

I have so much to say and so many pictures to show I have no idea how I’m going to tell you all at once!

Currently I’m sitting in McDonalds  typing this up because we don’t have internet yet, this is the main reason my posts have come to a snail crawl, but as soon as we have internet expect some exciting things! Today here’s some highlights you might have missed…

1. I am officially married to The Cowboy as of July 12th 2014! It’s an amazing feeling to know I’m at the beginning of an adventure with my best friend that’s going to last FOREVER! I cannot wait to post more photos of the wedding so you can share in my excitement. A huge thank you is in order to everyone who put so much work into making the big day a hit, and an extra special thank you to my Mom for helping me make all the DIY projects and keeping me sane.

july 12th

2. The Disney honeymoon was amazing! It would not have been amazing if it wasn’t for our spectacular travel agent, go check her out!  It’s truly a magical place there, we took over 3,000 photos and ate at least 6 steaks! Don’t worry more pictures will be posted soon! I did end up with some nasty blisters, and there was a six hour delay on the way home, but other than those details the honeymoon was a blast!


3. As of July 19th I am now living in the middle of rolling hills, 30 min from town. The Homestead is filled to the brim with brown boxes and I’m slowly making headway on unpacking and settling in. So far the kitchen and living room are looking less like a bachelor pad and more like a home. Have no fear Homestead Highlights will be coming your way!


4. Tonight is my first night co-leading the 7th graders at church with The Cowboy and I’m extremely excited. God has blessed us with this great opportunity to pour into young students lives and it’s such an honor, plus we have some pretty awesome ideas in store.

Like I said there’s too much to say in one blog post but one thing is for sure, I’m completely blessed to have such an amazing family, and to be added into another amazing family. Plus I have the best husband around, things are about to get crazy here and I cannot wait!


What have you been up to this summer?!



Catch Up Tuesday

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, I know I sure did!


So many fun things happened this past week I could probably write three or four of these posts!

1) At the beginning of the week I got to watch my little cousin kick butt at her swim meet. To be honest I don’t really understand all the rules in swimming but she seemed excited so I assume it went well.


2) Our area had a bad storm sweep through knocking one of our trees down. Praise God it didn’t fall on any cars or houses.


3) I started packing for the move, and honeymoon. Thought I would share this picture with you so you can see how crazy being almost married looks, don’t let those other brides fool you.


4)  And of course all things 4th of July happened this past week! Since the 4th is my families favorite holiday I could not simply share one photo, what kind of blogger would I be if I did that?!








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In other news The Cowboy and I are getting hitched in THREE DAYS! No big deal…

What did your holiday weekend look like?



Happy 4th Of July!

Happy ‘Merica Day!


This is it, the day that changed America!


Bring on the fair food, the corn dogs and frozen bananas. Pull up a chair and watch the fireworks, and parades, and enjoy time with friends and family!


I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend!




What are you doing for the 4th? Do you have any traditions?  I would love to hear about them, leave a comment below!


4th Of July Treats

Happy 3rd of July!!

I know you may think I’m only excited for July because I’m getting married next weekend, but to be honest the 4th of July is my favorite holiday! Our town makes the 4th a big ordeal and I love it! I’ve got my stars and striped shorts on as I type this out, and I’m anxiously waiting for our church’s 4th of July pot luck. This is the real deal folks, I wait all year for this weekend, the only thing that would make it better is if The Cowboy could celebrate with me!

Not only do I love wearing the famous stars and stripes, I like making 4th of July snacks!


So it’s the 3rd, you have a huge party for tomorrow and you have no idea what to make or bring. Have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of quick and easy 4th of July inspired snacks, that will be perfect for your pool party, or cook out!

Strawberries with spirit!

I made these tasty guys last year and they were a smash!

4th of july snacks

1) Strawberries 

2) White chocolate 

3) blue sprinkles 

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

These little guys are my goal this year! I found this recipe , it’s really easy and simple!

4th of july snacks 3

I Pledge Allegiance To…

I’m also pulling out these delicious fruit ca-bobs for our party!

4th of july snacks 2

1) Blue berries

2) Bananas 

3) Strawberries 

4) Skewers 

Red, White, And Blue Pretzels

I love this idea of dipping your pretzels in chocolate then patriotic sprinkles! Perfect for kids who can’t stop playing!

4th of july snacks 4


Here are a few more ideas that I am personally lovin’

4th of july snacks 6


4th of july snacks 5

4th of july snacks 7

4th of july snacks 8


I hope you have a safe, and tasty, 4th of July!

Do you have any holiday snacks that are always a hit? I would love to swap recipes, leave a comment bellow or link me to your blog!



DIY: Framed American Flag

 Are you guys just pumped for this weekend?!

This is the ultimate American holiday, bring out the patriotic t-shirts, and decorations.

Last year I  made a framed American flag, in the spirit of the holiday weekend here’s how I did it!

Items Used:

Sewing Pins (I would have rather used push pins but I couldn’t find mine and was too impatient to keep searching.)

A flag (I chose the American flag but any flag will work, I know for a fact that the Dixie flag also looks wonderful in the widow frame.)

Norwex Polish Cloth (An amazing cloth that EVERY woman should have)

Luke Bryan’s CD “Doing My Thing” (This is necessary for the proper atmosphere.)

First I sanded down the old window frame and then rinsed it off with the hose outside. The glass still had some awful streaks so I washed each section using Norwex as my streak free cleaner. I was done in no time!


 After my window was all washed and ready I placed my flag backwards onto the frame, lining it up exactly how I wanted it. (Make sure your flag does NOT touch the ground while working with it, this is a sign of disrespect.) 


Once I had everything the way I wanted it I began to fold…

 And pin….


In the end your flag should like something like this. (or better, that is possible)


Once you are finished it’s time to find the perfect place for you frame to call home!

 Everyone will think you’re so patriotic it will be great!


Do you decorate for the 4th of July? Instagram a photo of your 4th of July DIY/decorations and use the #thecowboyandi



Catch Up Tuesday

catch up tuesday

Hello Tuesday, and happy July 1st! Did you know that I get married in 11 more days?! If you didn’t I just had to share that tidbit if information with you. It’s been two weeks since my last Catch Up Tuesday and I was having trouble deciding what to share today, but I picked some exciting highlights!

1)  I purchased my first Project Life book, and squealed with joy! More pictures to come soon, I pinky promise.


2) Had a bunch of crazy storm clouds this past week. Had to run out and take some shots, my Mom did too!


3) I received my first Influenster box last week and I cannot wait to share all the details with you soon!


4) With the wedding day quickly approaching I’m knee deep in burlap, and I’m being serious! My beautiful matron of honor and one of my bridesmaids and I spent hours cutting burlap for the wedding, I cannot wait to see how all the details pull together!


How’s your summer tan coming? And your week, has it been as crazy as mine?! Leave me a comment, or link me to your blog!

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Being Thankful

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs the other day and I read a post by Simply Clarke. She listed out things she was thankful for in an ABC format. I loved that idea, and she encouraged us to make one of our own so here goes!

pickerimage (4)



Apple pie ice cream- homemade by my daddy.


The letter of my soon to be last name.


Country Music- there’s something about it.


Disney World- it’s where the magic happens.


Evenings out with friends.


Family- they will forever be my best friends.


Google- where would we be without it.


Hair- even though my curls are crazy, I’m blessed to have hair.


Intense games of Disney Scene It.


July 12th.


Kids- I love my little cousins.


Laughter- it makes every situation better.


My church family.


Noonday naps.


Open fields.


Pictures- one can never have too many.


Quilts- especially homemade ones.


Road Trips.


Sweet Tea.


The Cowboy. ❤


Unicorns- yes, I’m a believer. 


Very sunny days.


Weekend Trips.


Xtra funny movies.


Yogurt- the frozen type

Zoo dates.

Make your own ABC list of thankfulness and we can link up, or leave your list in the comments! Let’s be thankful together!