Perks of Being Married

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If I were rich I would buy The Cowboy a million ATVs and dirt bikes and other things with motors to thank him for the other night.

Lately I’ve been super homesick and overwhelmed with life. But not anymore! Well I’m still homesick but unless my family all comes and visits me in the middle of nowhere that won’t stop.

The other day The Cowboy told me during work that he had a special night planned. Not going to lie to you that made me nervous. But I got home and jumped in the shower to relax while he started preparing everything. When I got out of the shower The Cowboy had laid out a dress for me to wear on our bed with the following note.



I was  tickled pink! Ladies, could he be more perfect!?

After a little bit The Cowboy escorted me to the dinning room, which he cleaned up and decorated.





He made us an amazing lemon peppered chicken, with seasoned baked potatoes, fried veggies, and rice! I really need to get his recipe to share with you guys!





After dinner we watched Disney’s Cool Running. It was so nice to just relax in our home together. Although it’s been a few weeks it’s still odd to be in a different house, but it felt like home that night when I went to bed.

I am so blessed to call The Cowboy my husband, thank you dear for taking such good care of me XOXO




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